The 13 Best Fashion Schools Around The World

The 13 Best Fashion Schools Around The World

If you are intent on making your mark in the fashion world, one of the best ways to do so is by attending a top-tier school. Receive mentorship from industry professionals who have years of experience and keep up with current trends and techniques – advantages that will make sure you stand out among all other competitors!

So don’t wait – enrich your skills and start crafting a successful future in fashion now!


Fashion schools from all corners of the world provide ambitious students with a plethora of thrilling educational programs, covering topics such as design, technology, marketing, and business. These top-notch institutions offer degree courses that can open up any student to succeed in the fashion industry post-completion.

To find out which colleges are among the best for aspiring fashion professionals, we evaluated a range of factors including academic rigor, faculty and student awards, and reputation among leading industry insiders. Our list includes universities with both undergraduate and graduate programs in fashion as well as highly specialized courses for advanced studies. Here is our list of the top 13 fashion schools in the world.

#1 Parsons School of Design

For any aspiring fashion designer, the Parsons School of Design in New York City is an academic destination that cannot be overlooked. It has been regarded for centuries as a breeding ground for budding talent and features courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels. Among the school’s many acclaimed programs are the master’s programs in Fashion Design & Society, Menswear Design & Technology; Business of Fashion Strategy & Branding; Visual Merchandising plus more! There’s no better place to launch your career in fashion than Parsons.

Parsons has put together a powerful network of collaborations with industry titans like Pyer Moss and other esteemed labels. Students are also given an abundance of educational opportunities, from professional development classes to internships abroad, as well as apprenticeships at prestigious fashion houses. The school’s alumni have built some serious reputations in the fashion world, including Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang – hence why its graduates are so highly sought after!

#2 London College of Fashion

Since its establishment in 1906, the London College of Fashion (LCF) has been hailed as a leading university for fashion education and research. Located in the bustling city of London, England, LCF provides students with myriad options from undergraduate to post-graduate level studies that encompass everything from textiles to business. As part of the University of the Arts London (UAL), LCF is positioned at the cutting edge of creative learning opportunities worldwide.

LCF students have the benefit of a diverse selection of courses, such as traditional and industry-focused options. The latter is especially beneficial for gaining invaluable insight into their chosen field and understanding professional practice better. All of their courses ensure that you’re up to date with today’s ever-evolving fashion industry by equipping students with what they need for success in their careers ahead!

At LCF, students are encouraged to express their creativity while sharpening the practical skills they need for successful production and development. This one-of-a-kind learning experience is made possible by the college’s extraordinary facilities, from creative studios to pattern-cutting workshops that always stay up with current trends.

#3 Fashion Institute of Technology

For students seeking an esteemed fashion school on the East Coast, The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) is one of their best options. This renowned public college in New York City has more than 10,000 students enrolling every semester and offers a variety of degrees from associate to master’s programs. FIT stands out as a premier design institution that provides unparalleled education for aspiring fashion creatives and professionals alike.

What distinguishes FIT from other fashion schools is its emphasis on 2- and 4-year degrees that not only teach traditional design techniques but also include cutting-edge technology used by modern designers. This comprehensive curriculum ensures graduates are prepared to jump right into their professional careers in no time!

#4 Central Saint Martins

From the inception of its first class in 1989, Central Saint Martins (CSM) has grown to become one of the premier fashion institutes in Europe. Its alumni record speaks for itself: it boasts names like Alexander McQueen and John Galliano- two visionaries who have shaped modern fashion trends. As part of the University of Arts London’s network, CSM continues to nourish budding minds with groundbreaking concepts that defy conventionality.

CSM offers a complete range of courses in the area of fashion design, offering specialized classes on menswear and womenswear, as well as accessories. They also have distinct programs for knitwear, textiles, and millinery. Furthermore, they assist those aspiring to start their own label or wishing to pursue postgraduate studies.

#5 Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp

The iconic Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp has been a leader in the fashion industry since its founding in 1663. Its innovative approach to design, combining experimentation with fabrics and prints, creates ambitious and inspiring designs that have kept it at the forefront of new trends for centuries. With every change in style or pattern, RAFA has proven itself as one of the most reliable sources of creative fashion solutions all over the world.

RAFAA Antwerp’s Academy provides bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Fashion Design, Knitwear Design & Textile Design so that students can discover their individual talents. Their courses are instructed by knowledgeable professionals and reputable professors who know contemporary design patterns better than anyone else — a sign of excellence for those admitted to the academy. With such expertise available at RAFAA Antwerp, you’ll be sure to gain an incomparable educational experience!

#6 Istituto Marangoni

When it comes to fashion and design, Istituto Marangoni is the go-to destination for aspiring professionals. Located in Milan, Italy with 7 international campuses around the world, this prestigious institute provides students with a diverse range of courses encompassing design, marketing, and branding as well as product development. If you wish to acquire specialized knowledge within 3 months or opt for an International Bachelor program that offers immersive studies across Milan, Paris, and London – look no further than Istituto Marangoni!

#7 Polimoda

Located in the heart of Florence, Italy, Polimoda is a renowned fashion institute offering degree and certificate courses as part of the distinguished Foundation for Fashion Technology Institutes. Whether you are interested in design, marketing, developing collections, or production materials – whatever your ambition may be – each program allows students to develop their skill set to a professional level where they can excel within this competitive industry.

#8 Bunka Fashion College

Boasting a reputation as one of the most esteemed fashion schools in Japan, Bunka Fashion College is situated in the vibrant city of Tokyo. This institution offers distinct courses for its students to choose from: Fashion Creation, Fashion Business, Distribution, Fashion Accessories, and Textiles.

#9 Fashion Design Institut

Located in Düsseldorf, the FDI is an industry-leading facility for fashion design education, providing a range of accredited programs such as ‘International Fashion Design’, ‘International Fashion Journalism’, and ‘Fashion Marketing+Management’. As one of Germany’s most innovative design schools, you can be assured that all their courses are fully recognized by German state authorities.

Since its inception in 2008, the Fashion Design Institute Düsseldorf has been proud to offer an impressive educational experience for young people. The dynamic curriculum is flexible and customized according to their partner’s requirements – evidence of this is that more than 90% of the graduates were employed within 9 months!

#10 Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

Shenkar College of Engineering and Design sets the bar for excellence in design education. Located in Ramat-Gan, Israel, this public college provides students with a top-of-the-line curriculum covering fashion, textiles, graphic design, and more. With an expansive range that explores both theoretical aspects as well as practice options of any given discipline related to design – including the history of fashion – Shenkar stands out from among its peers.

At Shenkar, students are free to expand their abilities and investigate creative design solutions. The college centers on stimulating collaboration between faculty and pupils to encourage creativity and excellence in the area of design innovation.

Shenkar College’s faculty is composed of scholars and fashion professionals, generating an academic environment that bridges the distinction between theory and practice. For those wanting to build on their education with real-world experience before graduating, internship prospects are available with leading international companies.

#11 Esmod

Esmod is located in the City of Light, Paris, France. Since its founding when Paris was renowned as the fashion capital of the world, it has been teaching students to blend creativity with fashion for over two centuries now. This approach has set them apart from other international fashion schools and made them one of the preeminent institutes today offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Esmod is supported by an esteemed network of experts from both academia and industry, offering majors such as Design Management, Fashion Technology, and Luxury & Retail Services. Their campuses draw in some of the world’s most promising students who are then nurtured with a curriculum that equips them with essential knowledge about the fashion sector while also fostering originality and innovation.

#12 Pratt Institute

Celebrating more than a century of higher education excellence, Pratt Institute has been located in the bustling city of Brooklyn since 1887. A prestigious private institute, it provides students with over 100 degree programs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral studies within its urban campus setting.

The Fashion Program at the School of Design propels students towards a successful career in fashion by offering both BFA and MFA degrees, while simultaneously cultivating an imaginative atmosphere. This curriculum is then supplemented with invaluable internship programs that take place within renowned fashion hubs around the world to further promote design development and creativity.

#13 Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University has established several fruitful careers in the fashion industry since its founding 75 years ago. Located in San Francisco Bay Area, it offers 16-degree programs and an abundance of majors for students to obtain their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees. AAU is undoubtedly one of the leading fashion schools across the globe!

This university offers a wide selection of fashion-related specializations, such as apparel design and merchandising, menswear, knitwear design, and advertising. Their highly specialized curriculum ensures students are well-prepared for the everchanging world of fashion by exposing them to current industry trends. Additionally, their teaching methods involve field trips and internships which give students invaluable real-world experience that will help propel them into lucrative career paths upon graduation.


If you are in the market for a top-notch school to pursue fashion design, and related fields, there is an abundance of premier establishments. Of these superior academies, thirteen have demonstrated excellence in areas like research, history, trends, and styling at both national and international levels.

Fashion schools provide students with a range of educational programs, from Certificate courses to master degrees. They focus on the artistry and creative thinking necessary for success in the ever-evolving fashion industry; offering instruction in creating trendy pieces, pattern-making techniques, production methods, and other knowledge that can be applied to various positions in large fashion houses or within independent design studios.

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