Rick Owens Kiss Boots (A Modern Take On Rocks Famous Boots)

Rick Owens Kiss Boots (A Modern Take On Rocks Famous Boots)

Rick Owens is no stranger to creating unique and fashion-forward footwear. His latest creation, the Rick Owens Kiss Boots, has been making waves in the fashion world thanks to their edgy and modern take on the classic style of boot.

Kiss wearing boots

The boots are designed with a pointed toe and a stiletto heel, which gives them a familiar look that Larry LeGaspi made famous when his high heel rockstar boots were worn by KISS in the 1970s and 1980s. Introduced in the fall/winter 2019 collection labeled “larry”, Owens has put his own spin on the style by adding a bolted-on toe box, a chunky platform sole, as well as a see-through plexiglass heel on some models.

black kiss boots

The boots are available in two different heel heights – a taller stiletto at 4.5 inches and a lower heel that is 4 inches, so it’s no question you will be towering over most people. The platform can also vary in height from 3 inches to 3.25 inches. It has also been mentioned that these fit large, and we recommend sizing a half size down.

If you have never walked in stiletto boots before – and yes, we are assuming as these boots are a men’s style. You may need to practice around your home for a while before breaking these out in the public.

Stilettos are hard to walk in……

knee high kiss boots

The kiss boots are made with a combination of materials that include calfskin, leather, suede, plexiglass, metal, and rubber.

Rick Owens has also designed these boots to come in a variety of colors. Sure you can get the classic black boots as the rock band kiss wore. But it is also available in a red, white, or a brown color.

When you get your new pair you will receive a large minimalistic brown box with a small inscribed “Rick Ownes” on the top lid.

These boots will cost you between $1870 and $2770 depending on the model and materials you choose to go with. Sure it is quite the investment, but when it comes to Rick Owens the craftsmanship is next to none. But remember fashion always goes on sale, if you are patient enough you can find these online for under $1000 throughout the year.

If you are looking for a statement piece of footwear that will turn heads wherever you go, then the Rick Owens Kiss Boots are definitely worth checking out. They are available at retailers such as SSENSE.

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