How To Take The Perfect Fit Pic (Complete Guide)

How To Take The Perfect Fit Pic (Complete Guide)

Do you ever feel like you can’t take a photo of your outfit properly? Perhaps you’re uploading it to a fashion forum like Reddit or Instagram. Maybe you’re simply sharing it with a friend with the proud comment, “Look at my new fit!” #fitpic”.

Getting a good shot of your attire can be more daunting than it appears. How do fashion bloggers take such good-fit pics? Here’s how to create great outfit shots without a photographer, an expensive camera, or the perfect lighting.

What Exactly Is A Fit Pic?

The “fit pic,” a picture of a person’s whole outfit, it’s quintessential on Instagram. Sometimes they are mirror shots or selfies taken in dimly lit areas while wearing a vintage T-shirt or a stylish bucket hat. Other times, they’re action images taken against lavish metropolitan backdrops. Whatever their aesthetic, all fit pics have one common factor: they are all about expressing personal style.

You don’t have to be an influencer or a fashionista to participate in this popular trend. Fortunately, shooting amazing shots of your outfit does not necessitate expensive equipment or even a tripod (though all those things can help).

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What To Consider Before Taking Your Fit Pic

Before you strike a pose, there are some things that you need to consider before snapping that perfect fit pic.

Consider Your ‘Why’

Before photographing your outfits, consider why you want to capture your look. Are you using this to keep track of your fashion evolution?

Are you looking for likes on social media and followers? Do you want to flaunt your new outfits to your family and friends? Understand that a fit pic is all about your personality.

A fantastic style photo is about your character and your unique way of combining pieces that are genuine to your style—not just what’s in style. Incorporating your identity into an outfit distinguishes style from fashion. Add your own spin to the trendiest pieces by incorporating DIY components into your ensemble.

Clothes always serve a purpose, and they wield enormous power and influence over the wearer’s emotional state. They can make you feel strong and confident, they can allow you to be different, or they can help you blend in, they can represent belonging to something, and they can express your ideas and beliefs.

Get Yourself Inspired

Instagram, Reddit, and “look books” from your favorite brands are great places to find inspiration. Ask yourself, “What do I like most about this photo?”

Is it the silhouette or the profile? Is it because of the clothing’s textures? Is it the person’s look in the photo or the setting that sets the outfit’s mood? Use your favorite sources of inspiration as a guide for your fit pics.

Once you know what makes you feel and look good, you need to experiment with as many different outfits as possible to find out what colors, patterns, and styles personally work best.

You may save screenshots of fits and take photos of people (with their consent, of course!) when you notice something you like or want to experiment with. It’s crucial to be inspired and influenced to find your own unique style.

Try Investing In The Equipment

Even expert photographers believe that pricey photography gear is not essential for taking fit photos. However, a few inexpensive props will help you along the way.

You won’t need anything more than your smartphone for this. When you’re out and about you probably don’t want to tote along with a heavy camera and bag, using a smartphone is always the most common option when taking a fit pic.

Smartphone cameras are generally straightforward, allowing for fast exposure adjustments and quick editing once the photo has been taken.

If you want to get the most out of your smartphone camera, you need to play with its settings. You may be losing out on features that can help you take your fit photo game to the next level.

If you’re going to buy devices to help you improve your fit pics, a tiny remote shutter is a good way to go. This way, you don’t have to rely on your phone timer or having to mess up your pose. You can usually hide tiny remote shutters behind your hand and click them without breaking your pose.

Tripods are also a wise investment for your outfit photos. Tripods let you frame shots without needing a third party, and most brands and models are relatively inexpensive.

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What To Consider During Your Fit Pic Photoshoot

Now that you know what you want, now’s the time to turn it into action.

Find The Perfect Spot

The location of your shot is vital, even if your outfit takes up a large portion of your frame. It’s a great way to show off your interests, hobbies, and recent travels to your followers.

In addition to adding some variety to your profile, it captures a full moment rather than just a singular pose. Rather than double-tapping and going to the next picture, this invites your followers to look deeper and spend more time with the fit pic.

So ask yourself, “Am I telling a story with the photo?” before snapping your fit pic. If this is the case, make it very apparent to everyone. The stripes of a crosswalk might show off the bustling streets of your city or the unique and unknown coffee shop you’ve been visiting daily. This is going to give your photos a lot more personality.

Make Use of Unexpected Angles

Fit photos are all about the angles. To appear taller, you’d want to have the photo taken from a very low angle while you’re standing. But when you’re sitting down, the angles will be slightly different. You must experiment by shooting from slightly above or directly to determine whether the background and outfit complement one another. It’s possible to shoot off-center as well.

You can also focus on the details, like a close-up of your jacket’s buttons and vibrant colors. Ask your friends to shoot a couple of shots of you from the bottom up. Put your shoes in the spotlight by acting like you’re stepping on the camera.

Incorporate Some Motion

Moving or posing adds visual interest instead of standing static. A lot of fit pics are of people just standing or sitting down. This is perfectly fine but if you plan on posting lots of fit pics make sure to add some motion to some of your poses, whether that is walking, jumping, grabbing something from the store shelf, or whatever else you do during your daily life. Sometimes these shots create the best-fit pics and make the picture more than just an outfit.

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Edit Your Picture After Your Fit Pic Photoshoot

One of the most exciting aspects of shooting your fit pic is editing. It helps the outfit stand out and showcases its best features, whether you’re traveling to bucket-list destinations or snapping detailed images for your Instagram account.

Editing can bring out the warm colors in your fall outfit or tone down the sky’s blue to focus on your fit and pose. If you play around with the light curves, your photo may start to get a vintage feel.

Simple contrast, brightness, and saturation adjustments can typically improve an image, and cropping a shot can help if the framing wasn’t quite right when you clicked the shutter.

Of course, you can go even further by eliminating skin imperfections, whitening your teeth, etc. It is all up to you.

There are several ways to edit photos. Snapseed is a crowd favorite photo editing app for smartphones, and it offers several great portrait capabilities. If you want to get serious about editing your fit pics, you can try Adobe Lightroom on a computer which is used by most professional photographers.

Final Tip: Take Tons Of Photos

It’s now time to snap pictures. Snap a lot of photos. You’ll probably be disappointed with the first few photos you take, but no one ever gets the perfect snap on the first try. Taking many shots of yourself guarantees that you will have at least one image that is worth flexing on the gram.

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