How To Clean, Repair, and Restore Rick Owens Shoes

How To Clean, Repair, and Restore Rick Owens Shoes

So you have finally gotten your grail Rick Owens sneakers. You have been wearing them daily in all kinds of weather like sun, rain, and snow. Now after some time rocking them, you have noticed that they may be needing some cleaning or even repairs. Whether it is scuffs and marks, the sole becoming loose, or tears and stains. This article will talk about how to clean and repair your Rick Owens sneakers like Geobaskets and Ramones.

Cleaning Rick Owens Shoes

Cleaning your shoes occasionally is the best way to keep your footwear looking new and fresh throughout the seasons. I will walk you through the steps below on how to get brand-new-looking Rick Owens sneakers.

1. Take a bristle brush and gently brush off any dirt or debris throughout the shoe. This is important so you don’t risk dirt turning into mud during the cleaning. Remember to brush the soles as well

2. Next, we are going to clean the outsoles with decapant, lighter fluid, and stain remover. I would recommend doing this outside or in a well-ventilated area as the lighter fluid has potent fumes. Start by taking a cotton ball and dipping a light amount of decapant and rubbing the outsole thoroughly. Continue with the lighter fluid and stain remover in order using a fresh cotton ball. You should see it gently remove any scuffs and discoloring. The outsoles should be looking brand new after this. Remember to get the toe box as well if it is made with the same rubber material.

3. Next grab some shoe cleaner, suede cleaner, or a leather cleaner (depending on the material of the shoe) and brush it throughout the upper of the sneaker with the soft bristle brush to remove any remaining dirt or debris that is still intact. Then wash the cleaner off with some water using the same brush.

4. Let the shoes air-dry overnight for the best results. Now you should have a brand new-looking sneaker that is ready to be worn again.

Sneaker Repairs or Restoration

If you are in need of repair or restoration, I would recommend bringing your shoe to a professional cobbler. In fact, if you stop into a Rick Owens store they will most likely point you in the right direction. I have been told that the New York Rick Owens store recommends Firm Shoe Repair for all of their sneaker and boot fixes. You can check out their website here if you are in the area.


Sometimes having a worn-out Rick Owens sneaker fits the dark and gothic aesthetic perfectly, but if you truly need cleaning or a repair done then I hope this blog post has helped you out and sent you in the right direction. For any DIY repairs, I recommend searching on Youtube to try and find a tutorial on how to complete your fix. Remember that the video does not need to be the exact same shoe model you have as many sneakers are assembled the same and feature the same materials.

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