Does Michael Kors Repair Handbags & Purses?

Does Michael Kors Repair Handbags & Purses?

Michael Kors handbags and purses are well known for their style and quality. But what happens when one of your favorite bags needs a repair?

The good news is Michael Kors offers a repair service for their handbags and purses. The process is pretty simple and covers many issues that may arise after your purchase your Michael Kors purse.

What Does The Warranty Cover?

All leather goods, purses, and handbags are protected from the date of purchase by a 1-year limited warranty. This means Michael Kors will repair or replace any item that is defective in materials or workmanship under normal use conditions. So if your handbag or purse needs a repair because of defective materials or poor quality, then no need to worry. Michael Kors will be happy to repair your bag free of charge.

What Does The Warranty Not Cover?

The warranty does not cover accidental damage, wear and tear, or any damages caused by misuse or neglect. So, if you accidentally drop your Michael Kors handbag and the strap breaks, Michael Kors will not cover the repair. The same goes for any stains, scratches, or other damages that occur over time.

Also, you must purchase your bag from an authorized Michael Kors retailer. You cannot buy the bag secondhand (eBay, Poshmark, etc) and send it in for a warranty repair because the warranty is not transferable between customers.

Michael Kors Warranty

How To Request A Repair

If you need to request a repair under Michael Kors warranty, simply fill out the online form on their website. You will need to provide your name, address, contact information, and purchase information. You will send it to their customer service email address and they will look over your claim and send you further details.

You can find the Michael Kors warranty determination form here. The email you will send it to is [email protected] or [email protected] if you are in Canada.

Make sure to attach your proof of purchase in the email as well. This could be an order confirmation email or a receipt from the store you purchased your handbag or purse from.

You can also bring your Michael Kors handbag or purse into a store for repair. Simply bring your bag, the original sales receipt, and a valid photo ID. Michael Kors store associates will be able to help you with your repair claim and send it off for you.

What Happens Next?

After Michael Kors reviews your repair request, they will either approve or deny your claim. If it is approved, Michael Kors will send you a shipping label so you can send in your handbag or purse. Michael Kors will then repair your bag and send it back to you within 4-6 weeks.

If Michael Kors denies your claim, they will send you an email explaining why. You can then decide if you want to appeal the decision or not.


Overall, Michael Kors offers a great repair service for their handbags and purses. The process is pretty simple and Michael Kors will even cover the cost of shipping. So if you have a Michael Kors handbag or purse that needs a repair, don’t hesitate to contact Michael Kors customer service.

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