Does Christian Dior Repair Bags?

Does Christian Dior Repair Bags?

Purchasing a Dior bag from one of the flagship stores is an exciting and luxurious experience. That being said, after several months you may start to notice some damage on your beloved handbag – threads are starting to fray, leather tearing at seams, or rubbing off logos – which is clearly not what you had in mind when spending hundreds (or even thousands) for it. Don’t worry though; Christian Dior stands by their products and wants every customer to have an excellent shopping journey with them, long after the sale! Let’s delve into how we can get your item repaired below.

Does Christian Dior Offer a Warranty?

Based on their website, Dior does not offer any warranties; however, they do provide a 30-day return policy. Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a refund for damaged products but you have the option of having them repaired by Dior themselves instead – which we explain below in more detail.

What is Dior's Repair Policy?

What is Dior’s Repair Policy?

No matter where you are, Dior has got your back when it comes to repairing any of their products purchased from a Boutique or online. If you need help with repair services, simply visit the Boutiques page on Dior’s website and locate the closest store near you for assistance. Their friendly sales team will be more than pleased to answer any queries during this process too!

If there is no boutique nearby, make sure to contact Dior Client Services! Their artisans take pride in their work and guarantee that only quality products are repaired at the workshops.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for help!

Will They Repair My Bag If I Bought It Second Hand?

No, to have Dior repair your bag it must be bought from their online store on a Boutique. If you purchased your bag from a second-hand store, or another unofficial retailer then unfortunately it won’t be covered in the repair policy.

Where Is My Closest Dior Boutique?

Good question! You can check out the store locator on Dior’s website.


In summary, Dior does not offer a warranty for their products but they do provide an excellent repair service for items bought from their online store or boutique. If you need help with repairs, simply visit your closest Dior Boutique or contact their Client Service Center! Keep in mind that the product must have been purchased from the official retailer to be eligible for repairs.

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